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Recycling & Donation Resources

Wondering what to do with your old cell phone battery, outdated game console, or other hard-to-recycle items? Check out the list below for ideas. Clicking on these links will take you to a third party site. New Outlook Organizing is not responsible for the availability or content of these websites.



Batteries (Rechargeable)


  • is an easy way to sell your (newer) used books
  • Operation Paperback – Collects gently used books and sends them to troops serving overseas
  • Find a used bookstore in your area; they’ll offer either store credit or cash for the books they accept

Cars & Vehicles

Car Seats, Cribs, & Other Baby Items

  • Toys R Us and Babies R Us have an annual trade-in event (usually in January/February) for used baby items like car seats, cribs, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards, high chairs, and toddler beds; you receive a discount toward the purchase of a new item when you trade one in; check their website for details in the “General Press Release” section (read about the 2010 event here)

CDs & DVDs

Cell Phones

Cell Phone Batteries (Rechargeable)

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)

Electronics, including Computers

  • Best Buy has a trade-in program
  • Find local programs
  • Goodwill – Check your local store for their policy on computer donations
  • AT&T Stores – They accept gadgets for recycling, such as camcorders, cell phones, digital cameras, GPS units, handheld game systems, iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, and PDAs
  • BuyMyTronics – Offers way to get money for your gadgets, free shipping included; they don’t care if it’s broken or used;  they currently purchase  Apple desktop computers, camcorders, cell phones, digital cameras, eReaders, game consoles, iPads, iPhones, iPods, laptops and desktops, MP3 players, most smart phones and PDAs
  • Digital Tips – Learn more about recycling; can earn cash for recycled items
  • Gazelle – Sell or recycle electronic gadgets online, including  Blu-Ray players, calculators, camcorders, camera lenses, cell phones, digital cameras, desktop computers, external drives, game consoles, GPS devices, home audio, laptop computers, LCD monitors, MP3 players, movies, PDAs, projectors, satellite radios, streaming media, video games; Gazelle has a growing reputation for its compensation rates and a good customer service record
  • GreenDisk – Recycles desktop computers, including the CPU, keyboard, cables, and mice; laptops; computer monitors (must be 19 inches or less); and peripheral devices, including printers, fax machines, and scanners
  • My Boneyard –  Good resource for local collection sites; tips on repairing and recycling electronic equipment, including  camcorders, camera lenses, cell phones and smartphones, digital cameras, digital music players, eReaders, film cameras, flat panel monitors (LCD or plasma), game systems, GPS devices, laptop computers and tablet notebooks
  • – Sell or recycle electronics, including  calculators, cell phones, digital cameras, e-readers, external drives, gaming devices, laptops, MP3 players
  • Check your county (Brevard, Seminole) for local options


Printer Cartridges

  • GreenDisk
  • Office Depot – Has a recycling rewards program for ink cartridges where you can get credit toward other purchases
  • Target stores

Shoes (Athletic)

  • Nike has a recycling program for athletic shoes of various brands where the shoes are taken apart, and the materials are repurposed in several ways
  • has a donation program for athletic shoes that still have a little life in them; you can ship the shoes to Africa and not only help prevent disease but also empower people


  • Local homeless shelters
  • Crisis pregnancy centers – Find locations here and here
  • Local churches – Youth/church rummage sales
  • Beanies For Baghdad – Sends gently used toys to American troops for distribution among children in war-torn areas



Find out what items are collected by your county and what to do with hazardous waste:

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